Condition of Zakat articles

Reaching Nisab

Reaching Nisab

The method of estimating the Nisab (minimum amount liable to Zakah) is applicable to cash money, gold, silver, commercial commodities and cattle. According to a prophetic hadith, “Gold is not liable to Zakah unless it reaches twenty dinars. Once it reaches this amount, half a dinar must be paid as Zakah on it. Likewise, silver

Growth of Wealth

Real growth of wealth is that caused by its producing offspring, or by gain realized from trade. Assumed growth implies the liability of property, such as gold, silver and currencies to increase when exploited in trade. However, no Zakah is due on properties that are not liable to real or assumed growth.

Full Ownership

Full possession implies that the owner should be fully capable of disposing the property without being an object of contest by others. As Zakah is considered a kind of ownership as regards the receiver, the giver must purely own it. Thus, no Zakah is due on the property which is Dimar (that is not fully