The Role of Zakat articles

The Economic Sphere

The Economic Sphere

Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever offers prayers but does not pay Zakah, his prayers are in vain.” (Al-Mundhiri) Undoubtedly, one of the most significant roles of Zakah in an Islamic economic order is that it “prevents the morbid accumulation of wealth in a few hands and allows it to be diffused before it assumes threatening proportions

The Social Sphere

“Islam has created a society more free from widespread cruelty and social oppression than any other society had ever been in the world before.” (H G Wells, The Outline of History) Although the role of Zakah in the Islamic economic order is both diverse and far-reaching, however at the societal level the primary objective of

The Moral Sphere

We have already mentioned the fact that the one of the main functions of Zakah is that it instills moral qualities and uprightness in man. Here, however, it is necessary to consider the role of the Zakah insofar as the moral development of the Islamic man is concerned in some detail. According to the Islamic