JEEBIKA – Livelihood Development

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Jeebika – Livelihood & Human Development Program

Objectives: The program is being implemented in order to ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the hardcore poor.

Methods: Through conducting a baseline survey the zakat-deserving households are identified and grouped in grass-root organization comprising 25-30 families. They open a joint bank account and a certain amount of zakat money for each family is deposited to their account. Besides they are advised to form a savings fund.


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Activities: The group members, with a view to do business can take interest free investment from their joint account. After engaging in business as per shariah rule, the members can carry lion share of their profit to family and equally shares a portion with other members of the group. The project also provides other services like healthcare, safe water & sanitation facilities, child & adult education, skill development training, awareness building etc. Thus, all the members are engaged in establishing a friendly society.