Our Governance



The CZM Governing Board is comprised of respected members of leading citizens of Bangladesh. The Board ensures our work effective, fully accountable and true to the humanitarian spirit of Islam. To make a transparent, effective and sustainable faith based social enterprise, this premier body is assisted by an Advisory Council, Independent Shariah Supervisory Board, Independent Fund Disbursement Approval Committee and Executive Committee.

Governing Board

01Mr. Niaz RahimChairman
02Mr. Feroz RahimVice Chairman
03Dr. Muhammad Abdul MazidTreasurer
04Engr. Mustafa AnwarMember
05Mr. Abul Kasem KhanMember
06Mr. Sakif Ariff TabaniMember
07Mr. Munwar Misbah MoinMember
08Mr. Afroz RahimMember
09Mufty Qazi Muhammad IbrahimMember
10Ms. Zeenat IslamMember
11Dr. Mohammad Ayub Miah
Chief Executive Officer, CZM
Member Secretary

Advisory Council
The CZM Advisory Council is comprised of respected citizens of Bangladesh from different backgrounds.

01Justice Mohammad Abdur Rouf
(Former Chief Election Commissioner)
02Lt. Gen (retd.) M. Nooruddin Khan
Former Minister & President, Institute of Hazrat Mohammad SAW
03Mr. Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury
(Former Adviser to Caretaker Government of Bangladesh)
04Mr. Salahuddin Kasem Khan
(Trustee Secretary, A.K. Khan Foundation)
05Mr. Nurul Fazal Bulbul
(Secretary General, EXIM Bank Foundation)
06Sheikh Bashir Uddin
(Managing Director, Akij Group of Industries)
07Mr. Anisur Rahman Khan
(Managing Director, South Breeze Housing Ltd)
08Dr. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman
(Former Secretary, GoB)

Executive Committee

01Mr. Feroz RahimChairman
02Mr. Niaz RahimMember
03Mr. Mohammad Mujibur RahmanMember
04Ms. Zeenat IslamMember
05Mr. Junayed Masrur KhanMember
06Dr. Mohammad Ayub MiahMember Secretary

Shariah Supervisory Board
CZM Shariah Supervisory Board consists of distinguished Islamic scholars of the country. Every single decision regarding Zakat mobilization and disbursement are approved by the SSB first. Thus CZM ensures to spend the Zakat money following the principals of Islamic Shariah.

01Mufti Qazi Muhammad Ibrahim
Chief Muhaddis
Jamia Kasemia Kamil Madrasha
02Dr. Manzur-E-ElahiMember
03Maolana Shah Waliullah
Sobhanbagh Jamia Masjid
04Dr. M. Saifullah
Assistant Professor
International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)
05Professor M. Mujahidul Islam
Department of Banking & Insurance
University of Dhaka
06Mr. Mohammad Azharul Islam
Associate Professor
Department of Law
University of Dhaka
07Maolana Mokhter Ahmed
Associate Professor
International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka
08Dr. Mohammad Ayub Miah
Chief Executive Officer
Center for Zakat Management

Audit Committee

CZM believes in accountability and transparency. Our accounts are audited by well reputed chartered accountant firm on regular basis. Annual audited report publication is mandatory for us. CZM Audit Committee consists of three renowned professional accountants of Bangladesh.

01Mr. Mashudur Rahman, FCA, FCMAChairman
02Mr. Ragib Ahsan, FCAMember
03Mr. Abul HashemMember

Zakat Disbursement Committee
CZM Zakat Disbursement Committee is an independent body to make decisions regarding the Zakat disbursement. With the help of the ZDC members, CZM tries to utilize the Zakat fund most effectively.

01Ms. Zeenat IslamChairperson
02Mr. Murteza Rafi KhanMember
03Mr. Abul HashemMember
04Ms. Noor Jahan TabaniMember
05Ms. Kudsia MahmoodMember
06Ms. Kaniz Fatema ZerinMember
07Dr. Mohammad Ali BelalMember
08Dr. Mohammad Ayub Miah
(Chief Executive Officer, CZM)
Member Secretary

Women Welfare Committee
CZM puts much importance on the development of the poor and deprived women of the country. CZM Women Welfare Committee, consisting of four distinguished social workers, is formed to ensure special care for the women.

01Ms. Zeenat IslamChairman
02Ms. Syeda Farzana RahimMember
03Professor Dr. Sultana RaziaMember
04Professor Iffat AraMember
05Dr. Mohammad Ayub MiahMember Secretary