Reaching Nisab

The method of estimating the Nisab (minimum amount liable to Zakah) is applicable to cash money, gold, silver, commercial commodities and cattle. According to a prophetic hadith, “Gold is not liable to Zakah unless it reaches twenty dinars. Once it reaches this amount, half a dinar must be paid as Zakah on it. Likewise, silver is not counted for Zakah unless it reaches two hundred dirhams. Once it reaches this value, an amount of five dirhams must be paid as Zakah on it.” Based on this hadith the Nisab of gold counted for Zakah is twenty dinars (85 grams) of fine gold, while the Nisab of silver is two hundred dirhams (595 grams) of fine silver. The Nisab of merchandise is an amount whose value equals eighty-five grams of gold. No Zakah is due upon other kinds of property unless they reach their Nisab, which will be specified later on. Zakah becomes due upon reaching the Nisab or more than it. According to the Hanafi and Maliki juristic schools, the Nisab is calculated at the beginning and end of the year. Any decrease or insufficiency in between is overlooked. Any increase of property after reaching the Nisab during the year is to be included in the total sum counted for Zakah. This is considered the easiest and most applicable among the other juristic views, which has made the majority of scholars adopt it.