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GULBAGICHA – Pre-primary Education

GULBAGICHA – Pre-primary Education


The project aims at improving the quality of lives of the underprivileged children through providing education, food and healthcare services in order to bring emancipation from an unpleasant environment.


Providing primary and secondary education to the underprivileged children with moral education and  supporting them for nutrition development.


To set up pre-primary education center for each 25-30 distressed children of the project areas. One teacher in each center teaches the children. CZM establishes primary and secondary schools as well. The students are provided with books, education materials and dresses free of cost. In order to cover up nutrition deficiency, foods are provided in the classes. Besides, counseling sessions are organized for the parents for moral and religious education.


CZM has introduced Distressed Children Welfare Fund to support the underprivileged children under this porgram.