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MUDAREEB – Enterprise Development

MUDAREEB – Enterprise Development


The goal of Mudareeb program is to reduce poverty through the creation and development of micro-enterprises. Every member of the human society, the best creation of Almighty Allah, is blessed with some sort of capacity. The poor people also have some qualifications. With the counseling, education and training, many in the Jeebika groups have the potential to become entrepreneurs. Modern and appropriate technology may change their work pattern and product diversification.


The smart members of the Jeebika groups are selected and organized as micro-entrepreneurs and their actions are facilitated by CZM through training, counseling and skill development.


The group is provided with small investment fund for scaling up of their existing businesses. They are mainly engaged in business like cow raring, beaf fattening, commercial agro-farming, poultry farming, renting agro-machineries, small retail businesses etc.