House- 26, Road- 07 Block- C, Niketon, Gulshan-1, Dhaka -1212

CZM Accountability

CZM Windows for Transparency
  • Shariah Supervisory Council as apex body for ensuring shariah compliance
  • Conducting Special Shariah Audit of CZM accounts and activities
  • Internal Audit Committee for ensuring internal audit compliance
  • Annual Audited Balance Sheet by external professional audit firm
  • Submission of Annual Audited Balance Sheet and Financial Statements to AGM
  • Annual Audited Balance Sheet and Financial Statements available to CZM Website:
  • Quarterly statement of Zakat distribution reported to all Zakat payers
  • Independent Zakat Disbursement Committee for ensuring proper allocation of Zakat & other fund
  • Modern accounting software for CZM accounts management
  • CZM Website, Facebook and Newsletter
  • Methodical approach for selection of Zakat/sadaqah receivers
  • CZM Governing Board for all policy decisions and supervision
  • Access to visits in CZM projects & offices


Commitment & Values

CZM strictly ensures adherence to Islamic values and beliefs in all of its activities. In order to ensure Shariah compliance, an independent Shariah Supervisory Board is in place.

Governing Strength

CZM Governing Board is comprised of respected members of our community. To make a transparent, effective and sustainable faith based social enterprise, this premier body is assisted by an Advisory Council, an independent Zakat Disbursement Committee, Audit Committee and an Executive Committee.

Management Expertise

Though registered in 2008, the initial journey of CZM started in 1993 as Zakat Forum. This has given us 17 years of first-hand experience in the field of Zakat management. CZM is also in continuous relationship with reputed organizations working in this field. All the employees of CZM are well trained and experienced in the Zakat management field.

Modern Methodologies

We follow most realistic and modern development project formulation methods like baseline survey, feasibility study, monitoring and evaluation system.


CZM is fully accountable to Shariah principles supervised by a Shariah Board and to the Zakat payers. Our accounts are audited by well reputed chartered accountant firm on regular basis and are submitted to Annual General Meeting.


CZM is absolutely transparent in its operational activities including fund mobilization, and its disbursement. All the projects and beneficiaries are selected in a fully transparent manner ensuring that our work is effective, fully accountable and true to the humanitarian spirit of Islam.

How can you contribute?

  • Be an active partner of CZM for institutionalizing Zakat management
  • Participate CZM programs by sponsoring any project
  • Be an advisor or goodwill ambassador or volunteer of CZM for achiving its objectives
  • You can deposit your Zakat, Sadaqa, Donation, Waqf fund directly to our bank account (Center for Zakat Management: Savings A/C No. : 03912100017568, EXIM Bank, Head office Corporate Branch, Gulshan-1, Dhaka)
  • We receive A/C payee cheques to Center for Zakat Management
  • Call CZM workforce for collecting cash Zakat/cheques
  • You may donate land or building as waqf property to CZM Awqaf/Waqf Fund
  • You may deposit Zakat/donation directly to CZM Bikash Account (A/C No.: 01729 296 296)
  • For further query, please call: 01729 296 296

CZM Appeal

Although institutionalizing Zakat management is a difficult but noble task, its success depends on our collective efforts. Combating the disappointing poverty scenario cannot be only an individual responsibility. Combined effort and planned action is needed to bring changes to this scenario.

We invite and encourage all willing Muslims to come forward and work in a united  platform like CZM for institutionalizing Zakat management and make a lasting difference in the lives of the impoverished people of our society.

Let us stand beside the distressed people and try to feel their agony and miseries and take sincere efforts to emancipate them from the curse of poverty. If an innocent poor child can learn, or a student can build up his career, or a girl becomes a good mother, or a poor family can get rid of poverty out of your Zakat money, it will bring plenty of pleasure and happiness for you and you may also expect proper reward in the eternal life by Allah SWT.